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A storytelling game adapted from Genesis of Legends' Palanquin and based on Chinese xianxia fiction, mythology, religion, and history.  An idealistic Daoist. Six restless ghosts. A burning city under siege... and the Shrine that sits at the heart of it all!  (This game was originally released and only available as part of the "Our Shores: An RPGSEA Compilation" Kickstarter Stretch Goals.)


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Haven't had a chance to sit with it and absorb yet, but wow my first read-through was intensely cathartic. The Four Truths alone are incredible. If you are a player drawn to the fantasy of wielding abilities to fiercely protect the vulnerable, welcome home. 


I'm glad you found it such a resonant read! Writing it was incredibly cathartic too; there was quite a bit of Mahayanist Buddhist influence on our side, in terms of themes of protecting the vulnerable (and in some ways, becoming powerful enough to protect the vulnerable too, while still retaining elements of the empathy and connections to what made one's own self vulnerable so long ago too)

Thanks for the purchase and comment! We are happy for your input and support!

Thank you for the work, care, and vision put into Shrine! There's something about your game that gives me the feeling of when a tool fits just so in my hand.

is there a preview available?

None, but I'll think about what I could post as a preview! Thanks!

im just really wondering about the core game mechanics :)


Oh! Ok! In that case, check out what Genesis of Legends (makers of Palanquin, the foundations from which we built Shrine) had to say about our game! They provided a really useful tweet thread on the central mechanics and premise :)